If you will be doing any air travel to Canada you better learn to pack light. Flying to Canada is expensive enough the last thing you want to do is pay extra fees for baggage. If you are already a light packer than good for you, if you are one who has to travel with many bags, well, it be best if you read further into this. If you are interested in learning how you can pack lightly, then how about asking the experts, flight attendants. According to an article, flight attendants are used to packing lightly because they are constantly moving from one air plane to another. Remember, not only are you paying extra for all those bags, but you also have more to keep track of. So how does someone pack light? First off, you should get yourself a rolling suitcase. Rolling suitcases are easy to get around and also prevent your apparel from wrinkling. Some of the items that you should always have packed include: your swimsuit and flip-flops. These items are small enough to stash in your bag and could come in really handy when you need them

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Top 10 Fishing Spots In BC Top 10 Fishing Spots In BC

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful regions in Canada. Fishing is highly adored in the region too and there are some wonderful and highly-productive fishing spots to stop in at. For most, they really enjoy fishing as it relaxes them but finding those secret hotspots can be somewhat difficult. The trouble is there are so many beautiful fishing areas and choosing between them can be hard. So, which fishing spots in British Columbia should you visit? Read on and find just ten amazing areas to visit throughout BC.

Campbell River

For those who love salmon fishing, Campbell River is the ideal spot! Sitting on Vancouver Island, Campbell River is truly the ideal hotspot for fishermen worldwide who enjoy a spot of fishing. Here, you have plenty of opportunities to capture a few salmon and it’s very close to Victoria so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating it. The Seymour Narrows is a perfect little inlet here and its faster rapids with lots of amazing salmon to capture. click here for more details.

Haida Gwaii

The beautiful island of Haida Gwaii is truly one of the most ideal spots for fishermen and for tourists visiting Canada. In this region you are going to find there is beautiful scenery and so much to enjoy. Fishermen often fly here simply because there are a lot of fishing opportunities and that’s ideal to say the least. While Haida Gwaii is slightly north of BC, it’s a fantastic place to visit. Fishermen can find there are plenty of red snapper, halibut, and many more fish available.


For any traveler, they will find the beautiful city of Victoria to be a wonderful destination. However, this is also a firm favorite for those who fish. Chinook is a favorite here and in the winter, this is the most sought after fish. However, Victoria offers some amazing fishing opportunities for local and wider fish enthusiasts and it’s quite a lovely spot. You can enjoy the waterfront and the bays of Pedder and Becher. This is a favored spot in the summer and winter. In the summer months, sockeye and halibut are easy to come by and in the winter it’s all about the Chinook. You have a nice variety of choice here so it’s a top spot to say the least.

Fraser River

For those who love fly fishing, Fraser River is the ideal spot. Found a short distance from Vancouver, Fraser River has plenty of fish to play with. There are plenty of sturgeon, trout, and salmon, not to forget steel head. This is such an idyllic place, however, and the surroundings are breathtaking. Even if you aren’t lucky with the fish, you will be blown away with the gorgeous mountain peaks in the distance and the river itself is beautiful. You can head here for a day or two and if you wanted to make it a week-long vacation, you can stay at a nearby lodge at an affordable price. for further info, click on :https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/fishing/guide

Top 10 Fishing Spots In BC

Vancouver Island

There cannot be another better destination to visit than Vancouver Island. This is truly the hotspot for tourists and fishermen who are after halibut. When you try a spot of fishing here you are going to find the halibut are big and very tempting. You will have a lot of fun here and the scenery surrounding Vancouver Island is truly breathtaking. Any visitors will enjoy what the island has to offer.

Skeena River

Anyone who is interested in steelhead should consider visiting Skeena River. This is a wonderful location and one that any fisherman will adore. Here, steelhead is treasured and you might be able to bag yourself a wonderful prize-winning fish. Those who love fly fishing will love this area and there is really so much to offer. You don’t have to go out alone if you don’t want to and there is always a friendly local to talk to as well.

Williston Lake

Williston Lake has to be amongst the best fishing hotspots in Canada today, especially in BC and there is so much here. This is the ideal place if you want to go after salmon and, while it can be a bit of a challenge to capture a prize-winning salmon, it isn’t impossible! You will have so much fun here and you can also visit the local cities and explore what the area has to offer. There are lodges available if you are staying for a week and there are plenty of camps available too so accommodation shouldn’t be an issue.

Thompson River

The Thompson-Nicola region is one of the most impressive regions within British Columbia today and it’s one with so much fishing potential. The Thompson River is one amazing location to visit and here is where you’ll find amazing salmon fishing. You can visit this area throughout the year and you will find it offers so much more than just fishing. There is plenty of amazing scenery to take in and it’s a true beauty of Canada.

Okanagan Valley

To be honest, there are many who say this isn’t the place to find great fishing opportunities but it’s actually one of the best locations in Canada. The trouble is it isn’t well-known for fishing because the lakes are quite busy but there are plenty of opportunities to bag some impressive fish. You can spend a great day fly fishing and really enjoying all the valley has to offer. Okanagan Valley is the ideal spot for many fishing and it’s one so greatly neglected.

Burrard Inlet

For those who love saltwater fishing, they will truly appreciate all Burrard Inlet has to offer. Now, if you want to fish throughout the year, this is the ideal spot and it’s going to be the place you adore too. There are plenty of amazing fish to catch and the best thing of all is that no matter when you go, the fish are free to catch all year long.

Find Your Ideal Fishing Hotspot

Fishing is one of the most loved pastimes and it can really be an interesting way to spend a day. You have so many amazing locations to choose from and the best thing is no matter where you are in British Columbia, you can reach almost every fishing hotspot there is. The above is only a select few of the choices to whet your appetite but there are many more so find the perfect spot for you and your fishing today.

Summer Festivals in British Columbia Summer Festivals in British Columbia

Festival fans are going to love summer time in British Columbia! Every summer the area experiences many fantastic festivals and you will surely love them. You would be crazy to miss out because you can enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the joy of meeting new people. There is truly something for everyone whether you’re a big jazz lover or a rocker! The great thing is they last throughout the summer so your party doesn’t have to stop just because the festival is over—another will take its place! So, what summer festivals are there in British Columbia today?

The Sunshine Music Festival

Aptly named, the Sunshine Music festival is a firm favorite for millions of music lovers everywhere! This is a late summer festival starting at the end of August; however, this festival lasts a full month, so you have plenty of time to rock-out until September rolls around. If you’re in the Powell River region, this is the festival for you. There are, of course, many amazing groups that play at this venue so you get a great array of artists to enjoy and plenty of music genres to listen to. Since this is located on the beautiful Palm Beach, you can enjoy the sun and the party atmosphere. click here for related details.

The Vancouver Island Music Festival

Between July 12th and 14th, the Vancouver Island music festival comes to Courtenay where you can party all day and night. However, while anyone can attend, this might be one for guitar lovers and those who prefer a certain type of music. It’s more authentic with many amazing artists performing. Tickets aren’t too costly and you can find this to be a very impressive festival to attend. for more details, visit : https://www.governorsballmusicfestival.com/

Summer Festivals in British Columbia


Held in Kelowna, the amazing music festival of Keloha is an ideal festival for couples, families, and even romantic couples! This goes back to basics offering amazing blues and rock music. If you want to try something new then Keloha has to be the one for you. However, this is a music festival to enjoy and it’s great no matter what you like. Tickets aren’t too expensive so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you and there are amazing VIP passes to pick up along the way. You can experience the whole back stage vibe and it can really open your eyes to something new and exciting. However, the festival is only available for three days from July 5th – 7th. While it’s short, it’s still a great festival to check out.

The Victoria Symphony Splash

Starting on the fourth of August, the Victoria Symphony Splash is located, (as you might have guessed) in Victoria and offers a wonderful array of classic artists. For those who love the classic genre, the Symphony Splash is ideal. This is a big festival and one that sees over 40,000 people each and every year. You will be able to enjoy classical music and if you haven’t experienced something like this before, you’ll love checking it out.

Enjoy your summer

Summer—there is no better time—is a time when you can enjoy an endless array of music festivals. There truly is no better place to be than in British Columbia. There are many amazing festivals held throughout the summer and whether you want to enjoy a certain type of music or want to try something new, there is something for everyone. Why not visit several of the music festivals? You might really enjoy what they have to offer.

Outdoor Living in Vancouver Outdoor Living in Vancouver

Have you never thought about what living with nature actually means? It isn’t about immersing yourself with the animals but rather by being close to it. You can wake up in the mornings and watch deer and other woodland creatures in their natural habitats doing what they normally do. This is amazing and something that is so hard to find. Outdoor living can be the best you ever experience and it is something that’s so hard to describe too because it’s unique in every way. click here for more details.

Why Choose Outdoor Living In Vancouver?

Have you ever experienced the great outdoors? There is so much to see and it’s really a unique experience because natural is so unpredictable. You can build a beautiful log cabin in the middle of a forest or in your back garden and experience something very different. You are close to nature and you can experience a very authentic, outdoor feeling. This is not easy to find but it is a wonderful idea. Getting back to nature and being one with the great outdoors can be life-changing and it truly is something you’ll enjoy.

Living with Nature

Why not make more of your outdoor space? You can create a great office outside, a second small bungalow home, or a wonderful new cabin for your family. With outdoor living, anything is possible and that really is a special thing here because it’s not easy to experience something new and exciting. There is no better time to experience life in the great outdoors in Vancouver! You can truly love your surroundings and find that nature is the place where you want to be. for more information, visit  : https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/managing-natural-resources/plants-and-animals/Living_with_wildlife

Outdoor Living in Vancouver

Creating an Outdoor Office in Style

If you are someone who adores peace and quiet, you are going to love the sound of creating a wonderful outdoor space. Getting back to outdoor living in Vancouver can be wonderful and even though you can’t drop all ties with work, you can experience something very new. You can create a beautiful outdoor office and work in comfort and style. There is now a simpler way to embrace nature without taking away the comforts you enjoy. That is a great thing and you can easily create simple outdoor living spaces without hefty costs or without costing a lot of money.

Be Close To Nature

To be honest, outdoor living isn’t about camping or surviving on berries but rather offering a simpler and more authentic way to live without the hassle of modern ties. You can really live in a beautiful log cabin home surrounded by nature. This is amazing and something you will love to do as well. There are not many times when you get the chance to see nature at its best or in a natural environment, so it can be even more special. Outdoor living can be wonderful and you can find some amazing homes. Enjoy nature and feel at home in your new surroundings and you never know you might find life to be more enjoyable than ever before.